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Let's keep things simple … Compete, Race, Play … which ever suits you we can improve your health and performance, keep you healthy and fix you if something goes wrong.

Working with your personal goals we have the ability to keep you healthy and create unique programmes to suit your lifestyle.
I am working out of Haslemere, Godalming and the surrounding areas, working with individuals at home, using various techniques including Acupuncture, Joint Mobilisations, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and many others.
Home training, treatment and massage options are available for 30 or 60 minute sessions.

If you think I can help you and/or your club then drop me a note via the contact link (top left of your screen).
For those expecting a baby and those who have a new bundle of joy, the aim is to get your bodies into a fit and healthy state and keep it going so you can live out the pregnancy with the least amount of aches and pains and recover after the birth quickly and effectively so you can carry the baby or chase that toddler around without a worry.
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For the athletes, the aim is to help achieve their sporting goals, whether they have suffered through injury or just have a lack of knowledge in the area, I am able to help. Achieving success is down to the individual, even when working as part of a team. If you and your friends are following the same training programme, this programme will invariably only be suited to one of you, everyone is different to one degree or another and in an ideal arena each person in a team would have individual programmes and care to aid them in achieving their best performance.

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